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Other Works




This is my Missouri State capstone project for Fall 2023. I worked as the director of photography with our writer, producer, and director for 16 weeks to produce a short film and this was the result.


"Out of Order"

My Media Professionalism group and I made this short silent film, incorporating many filming and editing styles. It's a goofy concept, but we all enjoyed making it, and it was a blast to edit.



Real Estate

This is one of the real estate advertising videos I made while working for a company specializing in real estate advertising. I worked with our client to showcase their home with beautiful stabilized footage and drone coverage.


"Cherish Kids Orientation"

My wife works for a church ministry called Cherish Kids, which works with foster and adoptive families. They needed an orientation video for new families looking into potentially fostering a child. It required a lot of editing and graphics work.



Demo Reel

This was a demo reel I made using a drone, showing off my skills in cinematography and editing. I made this for my Intro to Media course at Missouri State.

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